What does your body need?

A well-balanced meal with the appropriate daily intake of proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, along with additional ingredients to boost weight loss.

Indians are known for their ability to make variations of dishes and eat a lot of unhealthy food without a measured portion. This has led to the Indian diet being far from an ideal, balanced one. This flawed diet, combined with the inherit body fat mass which Indians are born with, leads to a high-risk of being diagnosed with various life-threatening diseases. It is no surprise that India is the diabetes capital of India.


BMI is not the true indicator of body fat in a human body. While poor eating habits & lack of exercise contribute to body fat increasing and leads to various lifestyle diseases – Indian are born with visceral fat when compared to Caucasian counterparts, and hence are pre-disposed to obesity.

Let’s look at it in terms of the imbalance of the type of nutrition Indian diet consists of low intake of proteins, high intake of carbohydrates, low intake of fibers, adequate vitamins and minerals through the day, all these in uncontrolled portions. None of these nutrients are taken in the right proportions as per our accustomed Indian diets, infact they are all unversed, which leads to unhealthy eating habits.

Nutriverse has introduced specific meal packages are designed to treat medical conditions and their associated symptoms to help prevent or control the onset of various diseases. These specific meal packages contain nutrients which are required for our bodies which includes a: high intake of proteins, calculated intake of carbohydrates, high intake of fibers and an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals in controlled proportions.


Nutriverse focuses on innovating products for each of these required by your body on a daily basis.

Here are the specific products launched by Nutriverse to focus on improving the consumption of these nutrients accurately:

  • For a high protein enriched intake: ProTotal Whey Protein
  • Counted Carbohydrate: Simetri Meal
  • High Fiber: Simetri Soluble Fiber Mix
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Maxum
  • Portion Control: Combination of the above products

Additionally, for:

  • Fat Burning: Obicure & Obicure Plus

Anything in excess can be harmful, hence a well-balanced diet is very important. Remember, our Indian diet needs to increase the intake of essential proteins and fibers.